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Certified High Performance & Mindset Mastery Coach

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Stephanie received her High Performance Coaching Certification from The High Performance Institute where she became 1 of less than 1000 elite coaches globally.  In addition to the scientifically based, research-driven certification she holds,  she has also completed extensive neuro-based training and coursework in the field of Mindset Management. Her primary focus is challenging high achieving women to see “beyond the busyness” and helps them level up their lives by clearing a path to their highest potential.    Stephanie uses the insights, tools, and techniques used by the highest level performers today to help you increase your energy, impact, confidence, and influence over the long term.

Prior to coaching, Stephanie was heavily involved in various educationally based volunteer organizations that share the common goal of enhancing opportunities and expanding possibilities for students attending public school in her area.  In 2012 Stephanie co-founded and began serving as President for The Cold Spring Harbor Educational Foundation, a highly successful Non-Profit organization within her community. She held that position through 2018.   Her corporate work background is centered in operations management, training, and program development for the wireless industry, while her degree in the Social Sciences from Boston University rounds out her education.  Stephanie understands the multi-layered complexity of women’s lives and the different roles they have.  She offers a unique balance of challenge and compassion to all those she serves.

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Award, Year
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Stephanie DiNozzi

Certified High Performance Coach Mindset Mastery Coach