Hello… Thanks for taking the time to check out my virtual home.

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I hope you find it comfortable and Decide to stay awhile, maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or tea so we can get to know each other a bit.

I am Stephanie DiNozzi a Certified High Performance Coach, Founder and Former President of an educational non-profit. I am passionate about helping smart successful women, like you, recognize the true power and worth their voice has in today’s workplace. Perception is reality and the only way to ensure you are being perceived properly is to get clear on what you want, find your true Voice and confidence, so you can leverage your unique power to Lead with your style not adapt or adopt someone else’s.

with a passion for helping women like you create real, sustainable positive change to achieve leadership success in the workplace and beyond.

Like you, I am a real woman living with the same stresses and joys that come with being a “Do-er” “Type A” woman. Running a business, raising a family, being a friend, a volunteer, a student, and hopefully a force for good in this crazy fast paced world!

My varied background ranges from an early career in corporate operations to founder and non profit executive and an assortment of things in between to ultimately finding my true passion… Coaching(See Bio below)

The structure and insight from my days of climbing the corporate ladder gave me a keen understanding of the politics and drama that goes on, building and managing a team coupled with the complications of being a woman in a tech related field and you have a real party on your hands.

Fast forward to and through raising a family along with the trials, tribulations, diagnosis and dilemmas that come with that,and I found myself developing and ultimately running, a different type of educational non-profit than had been seen before in our area.

Yes, volunteering is just not enough unless you make it real and launch a brand new, organization funded wholly by the community, who already spend a small fortune on public school taxes, and you are selling an idea not a tangible product. Ahhh… good times, somehow it was and continues to be very successful.

I have became a master at strategic alliances, engagement, program development and negotiation.

My desire to empower people to improve their situation and create more opportunities led me to coaching.

To me my High Performance Certification is the best part. is that it allows you to consistently that I gained through that, as well as my high performance coaching certification have created a provides gives me a thorough understanding of how to achieve a high level of influence and impact sprinkled with a graceful life balance.  




Stephanie is a master at helping you create your road map and guiding you through the steps to make you make it happen.